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This is how it all started…

In the twilight-hued embrace of 2006, a temporal marker etched upon the fabric of existence, our company stirred from a primordial cauldron, its genesis woven from threads of knowledge and life experiences, tendrils reaching back through the corridors of time to shape each of us. Into the crucible of our collective tales, we poured the elixir of CRM solutions, ERP integrations, the arcane craft of implementation, and the delicate dance of training and teaching techniques, enriching the company with the wisdom garnered from the labyrinth of our journeys.

A mere year and nine moons beyond, our chronicles unfurled in the golden dunes of Saudi Arabia—a verdant genesis with the newborn mobile operator, Mobily. Employing the enchantments of Siebel, we summoned forth a solution to weave the destinies of B2C Customers and Partners, intricately entwined with the mystic forces of CTI, Billing systems, Payments, and the pulsating GSM Network.

Our inaugural quest led us to the Nordic realms, Oslo, where Telenor beckoned with a tapestry of complexities. Advisors in the esoteric arts of Siebel, we orchestrated the symphony of merging disparate instances, each a spectral reflection of business realms and functionalities. The alchemy to harmonize these myriad echoes presented a challenge of cosmic proportions, birthing a singular, global solution for Telenor.

The year 2007 ushered us into the shadows of Stockholm, where our expertise in the arcane Siebel Order Management module became the bedrock upon which future sagas would dance.

In 2008, the flags of our influence fluttered over Germany, where Metro AG, a cash and carry titan, became the canvas for our creation—Order Management woven for +25 countries and languages, resonating with the peculiar cadence of market needs and the rhythmic pulse of regulations.

The Eastern winds whispered in 2009, beckoning us to the vibrant tapestry of India. Telenor sought our guidance to birth Uninor, a telco born of greenfield aspirations. Pure architects and stewards of projects, we conjured a minimum viable product to breathe life into the vast Indian GSM regions. The Indian market, an enigma distinct from its European kin, unfolded with numbers from dimensions beyond mortal reckoning—more than 1.3 million partners in the medium term and a deluge of over 100,000 daily pre-paid activations.

The verses of 2010 sang of Portugal’s call, where the tax authority sought our mastery. The call centre became our stage, a nexus binding citizens, tax professionals, and the authority. Architecture, Requirements and Business Analysis, Integration, Project Management, Test Management, Training, and Maintenance—all woven seamlessly. The project, a magnum opus, unfolded with the cadence of time, on budget and within the sanctified confines.

In 2011, Oracle’s beckoning reached our ears, a summons to Bonn, Germany. There, we aided in defining the future of Siebel Order Management, guided by the transcendental requirements of Deutsche Telekom.

From 2011 to 2013, our journey meandered through the realms of Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia, our role evolving into architects sculpting shadows upon the destinies of projects.

The year 2013 wove Sony Mobile into our portfolio, nestled in the ancient lands of Lund, Sweden. Here, our mastery over the custodianship of customer lore and the sacred art of protecting PII data reached its zenith.

Joao Pereira


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