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This is how it all started…

In the melancholic year of 2006, though the official record commenced, the tale of our company was woven from strands of knowledge and life experiences that far preceded that temporal threshold. We, a collective embodiment of these chronicles, brought forth the richness of our narratives, endowing the company with a tapestry imbued with the wisdom of CRM solutions, ERP integrations, and the artistry of implementation, training, and teaching techniques.

A genesis, shrouded in the veils of one year and nine moons, transpired amid the arid expanse of Saudi Arabia—a greenfield canvas upon which we painted our maiden project with the nascent mobile operator, Mobily. Utilizing the venerable Siebel, our sorcery crafted a solution to commune with B2C Customers and Partners, seamlessly integrated with the mystic realms of CTI, Billing systems, Payments, and the ethereal GSM Network.

Our first venture beyond the sands led us to Oslo, where Telenor beckoned, a Nordic odyssey of complexity. Advisors in the art of Siebel, we orchestrated the ballet of merging multiple instances, each a spectral reflection of business domains and functionalities. Harmonizing these disparate echoes proved a Herculean challenge, yet from this crucible emerged a unified, global solution for Telenor.

The chronicles unfolded further in 2007, as our sojourn continued through the enigmatic city of Stockholm. Here, our specialization in the Siebel Order Management module became the foundation upon which our future narratives would be inscribed.

In the annals of 2008, Germany unfurled its banner in our tale. Metro AG, a titan in cash and carry, became the canvas for our symphony—Order Management woven for +25 countries and languages, each resonating with its unique market needs and the sonorous cadence of regulations.

The Eastern winds beckoned in 2009, drawing us to the vibrant realms of India. Telenor sought our counsel to birth a greenfield telco, Uninor—a realm where pure architecture and project stewardship were demanded. A minimum viable product emerged, a fleeting enchantment to go live across the vast Indian GSM regions. The market, an exotic terrain, revealed numbers from dimensions unknown—more than 1.3 million partners in the medium term and a torrent of over 100,000 daily pre-paid activations.

In the temporal tapestry of 2010, Portugal summoned our expertise. The call center, a nexus of communication between citizens, tax professionals, and the authority itself, became our canvas. Architecture, Requirements and Business Analysis, Integration, Project Management, Test Management, Training, and Maintenance—all orchestrated seamlessly. The project, a poetic offering, unfolded on time and within the sacred budget.

Oracle’s invitation reached our ears in 2011. Bonn, Germany—a convergence of minds where we aided in defining the future of Siebel Order Management with the transcendental requirements of Deutsche Telekom.

From 2011 to 2013, our journey continued through the realms of Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, and Slovakia, our role evolving into architects etching shadows upon the destinies of projects.

In the penultimate stanza of 2013, Sony Mobile became an entranced muse in the mystical lands of Lund, Sweden. Here, our experience in the custodianship of customer lore and the sacred art of protecting PII data reached its zenith.

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