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This is how it all started…

In the ancient scrolls of 2006, a tale unfolded—the genesis of our company, a narrative woven with threads of wisdom and life experiences that had long preceded the calendar year. Each member of our fellowship brought forth their sagas. With a touch of magic, we enriched the company with the arcane knowledge of CRM solutions, ERP integrations, and the ancient arts of teaching and training.

The chronicle truly commenced a year and nine moons past amidst the golden sands of Saudi Arabia—a greenfield oasis where a nascent mobile operator, Mobily, dared to dream. In this mystical realm, a Siebel solution emerged, a potent incantation woven to entwine B2C Customers and Partners, embracing the mystical realms of CTI, Billing systems, Payments, and the ethereal GSM Network.

Our maiden quest led us to the Nordic realms, where we stood as consultants to Telenor in the land of Oslo. A noble undertaking it was—to guide Telenor through the labyrinth of merging Siebel instances, a puzzle born of diverse business domains and functionalities. The harmonization of these instances, a true alchemy, birthed a singular global solution for the venerable Telenor.

The following year, the odyssey carried us to the majestic city of Stockholm, where our Siebel Order Management module expertise laid the bedrock for countless future ventures. The fabled year 2008 saw the addition of Germany to our burgeoning tapestry. In collaboration with Metro AG, a titan of cash and carry wholesaling, we sculpted the Order Management solution, a magnum opus spanning +25 lands, languages, and the kaleidoscopic tapestry of market-specific whims and regulations.

The year 2009 beckoned us to the vibrant land of India, where Telenor sought our mystical prowess to birth a greenfield telco, Uninor. Architects and project sorcerers, we conjured a minimum viable product, a swift enchantry to bring life to the Indian GSM regions. The vast and cosmic numbers surpassed imagination—1.3 million partners in the medium term and a torrent of over 100,000 daily pre-paid activations.

In 2010, a spell was cast upon the Portuguese tax realm. A project of grandeur, we upgraded the call centre to orchestrate communications between citizens, tax professionals, and the tax authority. Our arsenal of services, from Architecture to Training and Maintenance, was unleashed. The chronicle spoke true, for our project was delivered on the appointed hour and within the confines of the sacred budget.

The Oracle, in its infinite wisdom, beckoned in 2011. To Bonn, Germany, we journeyed, invited to sculpt the future of Siebel Order Management, guided by the mystic requirements of Deutsche Telekom.

From 2011 to 2013, our wanderings continued through Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, and Slovakia. Architects, we stood, shaping the destinies of projects with an otherworldly touch.

And in the waning moonlight of 2013, Sony Mobile joined our roster of patrons in the enchanted lands of Lund, Sweden. Here, our mastery over the custodianship of customer lore and the protection of PII data found its zenith—a saga etched in the annals of time.

Joao Pereira


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